Data-Driven B2B Marketing: 4 Keys to Success

b2b data.pngThe enthusiasm for data-driven marketing is widespread, but most businesses still find themselves early in the implementation phase. For example, there is widespread agreement on the importance of market intelligence as the foundation for decision-making throughout the organization. Continue reading “Data-Driven B2B Marketing: 4 Keys to Success”

Targeted Advertising for B2B


Most marketers agree that personalized messages are far more effective than generic “spray and pray” ones. In B2C, digital channels have opened up new possibilities for personalization that have largely eluded B2B marketers. But now there is a way to achieve truly tailored and targeted B2B marketing. Continue reading “Targeted Advertising for B2B”



As a B2B marketer, your bread and butter is leads—you’re either trying to generate new leads or trying to convert your current leads into customers. And once you have those customers, your job is to keep them happy and hopefully convert them further into being advocates of your products. So, where do you keep the information on these leads? The answer is your B2B marketing database. Continue reading “HOW TO MANAGE YOUR B2B MARKETING DATABASE”

This is How to Write an Effective B2B Email Marketing Plan

b2bYou’re ready to embark on a journey of email communications with your newsletter subscribers, and it’s time to start creating a strategy that generates conversions. If you do this right, you will meet your goals and be able to say your plan was successful. This article will explain exactly what to do to come up with a B2B email marketing plan that works. Continue reading “This is How to Write an Effective B2B Email Marketing Plan”